Illustration: Lisa Zeißler

Hello and welcome to Darmstadt again. It has been an exciting but also sad year so far. As the capital of European Space programs we shortly want to pay respect to one of the most important men in space travel: Dr. Baris Kitt, teacher, rocket scientist, chemist and World citizen and the oldest man in the state of Hassia has passed away last month in Frankfurt/Main at the biblical age of 107. Should you know nothing of him, he has invented the fuel that sent people to the moon, and that was only one of many astonishing accomplishments in his life. Rest in Peace, Dr. Kitt.

And now for something completely different. In our never ending search to make Darmstadt as attractive as possible for foreign students and expats, we have found a real gem hidden in the deep heart of the Martinsviertel near Riegerplatz. The „Zucker“ is located at the crossroads of Heinheimer Straße and Liebfrauenstraße. It is a little, very unconventional cultural center organized originally as a shop by and for young innovative designers from Darmstadt. When it started out it was more of a shop than a venue which slowly transformed beginning with little acoustic concerts and freaky evenings with self-organized gameshows and other happenings. At some point the shop concept was thrown overboard completely and the designers moved on to „Aufschnitt“ on Riegerplatz which is also a gem of a shop with a very unique program. Back to „Zucker“ which provides the possibility to organise almost anything for small crowd up to a max of maybe 40 what people. And that is exactly what happens there. Groups like BUND, „CityReclaimers“, P-Magazin and others have monthly meetings and if you are interested in getting involved in city life just check the Zucker-Facebook-page to get the latest updates.

They also have almost weekly meetings of English speakers who play games, just talk or share some international food depending on the evening. Last but not least, every last Tuesday of the month the „Zuckers“ as they call themselves open beer and Schnaps, throw on their latest blues album purchase from the „Come Back“ music store and just love to hang out with anyone who happens to drop in. The guy „organizing“ that appreciates chatting away in English. I may say so cause that guy is me.

So, looking forward to meeting you there

Yours, P.

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