Illustration: Lisa Zeißler

P Magazine would like to welcome all people in Darmstadt. Hence in any issue of our P Magazine we will publish a page in English for those of you who are more familiar with the English language than the German. It might simplify the search for some news and updates about Darmstadt and the city’s vibrant cultural life.

There are a lot of happenings taking place in our city, and if we state ‚a lot‘ we really mean that. In March the election for the future mayor of the city has taken place and now we are off to the nearly impossible attempt of our football team SV Darmstadt 98 to avoid relegation from the Fußball-Bundesliga, the German Premier League in football. Spring season has arrived, it’s time for the city to shake off past months grey and wet dirt. With the month May the beer garden season (everybody and couch potatoes, too, shout out loud: ‚Yeah, beer gardens!‘) is starting and with the beginning of a more pulsating life there might be some „off the beaten track“ venues, concerts, events, shopping opportunities and hints where to eat & drink to explore.

Our city mag assists you not to stumble across the inner city just drinking on a friday night pub crawl or not to limit your social contacts by only talking to your fellow colleagues at work/university. Within our editors and creative staff there is a prosperous experience of decades, maybe even centuries, of Darmstadt’s daily life and nightlife.

We want to share our wealth of knowledge especially with you. So let us immediately dig into the myriads of opportunities where to go and how to come to the right decision in the thicket of several thrilling and seemingly similar possibilities. May is the perfect month for clubbing and taking advantage of some indoor activities during the evenings, while spending some suntime in the afternoon in one of the many nice cafés in Martinsviertel, one of the city’s most popular quarters, or just hanging out in the Herrngarten, which is the Central Park of Darmstadt. But here is a good advice: don´t forget to stuff some warm clothes in your bag as after sunset it might get pretty cold.

Here are a few basic tips what to do and look for in Darmstadt:

# 1: You have already done the right thing and grabbed Darmstadt by the P magazine.

# 2: Check out the website Togehter with our magazine and our website Partyamt gives you a perfect overview about all major and minor events around the city.

# 3: During your walk around the city watch out for a light blue sticker saying „Netter Laden“ on windows and doors of shops, restaurants and clubs . It is our way to say: we have been here and we liked it.

# 4: Check for meet-up groups. There you will find locals and people from abroad who are just as lost or at home here like you are.

Next month here: Punk and Darmstadt: where to go underground in a city neither with the subway nor tubes.

For now sincerely yours, P.