Christmas brawl and other new year resolutions Darmstadtian secrets

Christmas brawl and other new year resolutions

Welcome to the city of science. As we are such, let us not get entangled with the „feast of love“ too much this year. Yes, holiday season is coming and the usual suspects of entertainment are coming along with it. Christmas markets are everywhere. Put on some decently warm clothes, leave your car where it > mehr

Joy, love and Glühwein Darmstadtian secrets

Joy, love and Glühwein

Hello there and welcome to another edition of Darmstadtian secrets. The season of joy, love and Glühwein has arrived. If we are lucky we will even have a little snow. If so, please grab your kids, your partner and/or your pet dog and go outside. Summer was nice, hanging out lazily in Herrngarten with first > mehr

Welcome back Darmstadtian secrets

Welcome back

Welcome back, assuming that you were, like so many of us, out of town for summer. As you probably have noticed in the last month, things are getting a little darker and a little more chilly than they were earlier on this year. Festivals are over and going out starts to sound less tempting than > mehr

Beg your pardon!? Wrede und Antwort

Beg your pardon!?

Why not write an article or column in English? There are many British in our beloved hometown working for the ESOC etc. … Obviously the Brits love frequenting our Irish bars which – I’m sure as you know – are just partly worth getting frequented. Well, as I’m sure we all know, we have a > mehr