Grafik: Rocky Beach Studio

Why not write an article or column in English? There are many British in our beloved hometown working for the ESOC etc. … Obviously the Brits love frequenting our Irish bars which – I’m sure as you know – are just partly worth getting frequented. Well, as I’m sure we all know, we have a lot of Russian friends and folks from other countries – whose names I do not even know how to write or spell in English, yet alone pronounced – working at the ESOC but this piece is not about the ESOC. Why would it be?

Hopefully this article feels like a warm welcome to all those foreigners living or just spending an evening in our city, which (as you might already found out) is a warm tolerant place with some great pieces of architecture – at least the ones which weren’t bombed by your fathers, uncles or granddads. I‘m sure we deserved it but I’m also sure I would need the spirit of Henry Fonda to lead me through this political minefield. He was used to unite the ununiteable in a way I never will. I’m actually looking forward to the doubtful reaction from the P-Redaktion on an English written piece. But how on earth would an independent city guide – designed and written by tolerant, well-behaved and intelligent people – turn any article down because the piece is written for a minority (by a minority).

So fellow students and workers (I omit the officials because of obvious reasons), please read this fine magazine and enjoy your stay. Have a pint – Pfungstädter, of course. And – as long as both are still around – go and visit the Darmstadt 98 football team at their ground – the Böllenfalltorstadium. You’ll also find beautifully ensconced in the forrest between Darmstadt and Traisa, the training field of the short skirted women’s hockey team and the amazing Highschoolstadium with its Liegewiese and the coldest swimming pool ever (ohne Scheiß). But shit, I think its closed at the moment!!! So let’s go to one of those Irish Bars, the one with BBC football of course, and have a beer. Or two.